DT Adventures

DT has been an adventurer since at least 2006. His adventuring pursuits have taken him to exotic places all over the world including Samoa, New Zealand, Borneo, Malaysia and most recently Frankston.

DT lists his adventuring highlight as the time he travelled to Samoa’s Lake Lonutou in search of the infamous LL Pants. After 2 hours of trekking through mud up to his waist, he found the destination and spotted the pants. Finding an overly energetic gear, DT raced to the pants and instantly threw them on (possibly contracting any number of jungle borne diseases in the process). After about 3 minutes, DT became sick of the pants and returned them to their traditional home (under a rock). This trek has become that of legend.

With such an adventurous background behind him, DT is looking to take on yet another location. Time will tell where that ends up being


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